ANCON Beton Pty Ltd




Business Background/Overview

ANCON Beton Pty Ltd (ANCON) commenced its operations as concrete and concrete construction consultants in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia.

  • ANCON is a unique and practical consultancy company that operates in the fields of concrete, concrete materials, concrete and aggregate production and all fields of specialist construction with concrete.
  • ANCON supports its clients with PRACTICAL, SUSTAINABLE and COST EFFECTIVE solutions that are focused to target outcomes of QUALITY, SAFETY and PROGRAM, and COST EFFECTIVENESS.

In 2002, ANCON expanded its business to market and sell specialized equipment used for construction of all concrete floors and pavements in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.  ANCON also provides consultancy services in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and Far East Russia. 


Area(s) of Specialty/Expertise

  • Concrete construction for all types of projects and construction.
  • Specialized services for floor and pavement construction for warehouses, elevated floor slabs, mine slabs and special projects such as car drag strips.

ANCON’s people are practical, hands on and have many years of experience in floor construction as consultants and previously in contracting.

ANCON is involved with international organizations and networking and is up to date on Worlds Best Practice.


  • Get it right the first time
  • Build a monolithic slab on grade floor either without or with the application of a topping screed or shake on hardener
  • Build elevated floors in high-rise buildings and eliminate the need for topping screeds while keeping the use of levelling compounds to the absolute minimum
  • Build a floor that needs little or no grinding
  • Impart knowledge to contractors in Asia and the Middle East that enables contractors to build the highest quality floors with the worlds best practice and to the highest standards




Design and specification help
We help owners, architects and engineers detail and specify all types of concrete floors.  We consult to ensure that the floor will meet the users’ needs at the lowest practical cost.

Interpretation of floor flatness tolerances
We help interpret and clarify floor flatness tolerances.  We work with all the main flatness specifications used around the world, including the ACI/ASTM F-number system, and the British TR 34 system.

On-site supervision
We consult to the builder/owner, contractors and engineers to advise, instruct and coach on all aspects of floor construction including superflat floors.  We teach contractors how to build high quality floors and we assist contractors to build better floors.

On-site contractor coaching and training
We work with contractors to plan, place and finish high quality floors, including superflat floors.

We will measure floors with a Face®Dipstick®or a FACE®Consultants USA Profileograph or an ALL FLAT Profileograph.

Help with floor problems
We help owners and contractors solve floor problems, including poor flatness, excessive wear, crack repair and repair of deterioration at joints.  We also assist with poor specification and resolution.

Expert witness testimony
No-one likes to see a concrete floor problem end up in court or arbitration, but when it happens we can help with information and expert testimony.


Profile testing on defined-traffic floors
We use Profileographs to measure flatness and levelness on defined-traffic floors, such as F-min superflat floors in very-narrow-aisle (VNA) warehouses and including measurement to TR34 and to German DIN Standards.

Profile testing on random-traffic floors
We use the Dipstick®Floor Profiler to measure flatness and levelness on random-traffic floors.  We can test F-numbers, TR34 FM tolerances as well as other elevation tolerances.  We can also use the Dipstick® to simulate a 10 foot or 3 metre straight edge.

Wear testing (abrasion resistance)
We can test using equipment such as the Chaplin Abrasion Tester to measure a floor’s resistance to wear. 

Due diligence surveys
We investigate floors, new and old, for property buyers requiring floor condition assessments and repair methodology and options along with cost estimates. 


We offer advice and support on construction of showroom and retail floors with special surface finishes (with and without shake on hardeners).


Somero®Laser Screeds:

  • SXP™-D Laser Screed
  • Copperhead®XD™3 Laser Screed
  • PowerRake®3 Laser Guided Rake
  • SMP Laser Screed
  • Mini Screed™C
  • Mini Rake™
  • Sonic Tracer System
  • 3D Profiler™System
  • Topping Spreaders and attachments

Allen Engineering®:

  • Ride on Trowel
  • Walk Behind Trowel
  • Truss Screed
  • Spraying Machines
  • Straightening Tools
  • Paving Machines

Face®Construction Technologies

  • Dipstick®Floor Profiler 


  • We base our consultancy on facts and experience based on extensive industry knowledge and involvement
  • We are practical and hands on
  • We always tell the truth
  • We always work in the interests of the industry and our environment
  • We never give in and always work hard to see a satisfactory outcome