Curecrete Distribution, Inc.





Business Background/Overview

The Ashford FormulaTM, the very first chemical concrete densifier, was developed shortly after World War II by a German chemist in California, USA.  The formula was sold to Alkali Neutralizer Company based in the Los Angeles area of California in 1947, where the Ashford FormulaTM was extensively specified by architects and engineers for many types of industrial concrete surfaces.

Curecrete Chemical Company later purchased the Ashford FormulaTM and production rights from Alkali Neutralizer.  Using the impressive track record and proven performance of the Ashford FormulaTM technology, it expanded representation and sales throughout the United States and across the globe through its division, Curecrete Distribution, Inc.

The resulting efforts of expansion of sales and representation have been the introduction of the Ashford FormulaTM and its unique densification process to every major user of concrete technology, resulting in over three billion square feet of treated concrete worldwide by 2007.

Presently, the Ashford FormulaTM is the most widely specified and used chemical concrete curing agent, densifier, hardener and sealer in the world.  As the creator of the concrete chemical densification process, Curecrete Chemical Company has single-handedly pioneered and established the concrete densification industry worldwide.Curecrete goes here.


Area(s) of Specialty/Expertise

1. Chemical Concrete Densification – cures, dustproofs, hardens, increases resistance to abrasion and wear, seals, and creates a permanent, pleasing sheen on concrete surfaces.

2. Concrete Polishing System – unique, patented process that combines the benefits of concrete polishing with a unique chemical concrete densification technology to create stunning, durable concrete surfaces.

3. Concrete Crack, Fill, and Spall Repair – technologically advanced polyurea elastomer joint fillers for filling and repairing joints, cracks and spalls in concrete surfaces.

4. Concrete Cleaning – revolutionary process for cleaning and maintaining concrete floors with the only cleaner specifically formulated for densified and densified-polished concrete.

5. Concrete Stripping – easy to apply, fast-acting stripper for concrete floor maintenance or in preparation for resealing.


Products & Services

  • Ashford FormulaTM
  • RetroPlate Concrete Polishing SystemTM
  • CreteFill Pro SeriesTM
  • CreteClean Plus with Scar GuardTM
  • CreteStripTM


    Defining characteristics of Curecrete Distribution, Inc. include its innovative spirit, constant pursuit of excellence, and the responsibility it takes to seriously lead the densification industry in best practices.  As the company that single-handedly built the concrete densification industry with the original concrete densifier, the reputation of Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is solidly built on decades of product performance and customer satisfaction.

    Its signature product, the Ashford FormulaTM, has truly set the standard which no other concrete chemical densification manufacturer can come within decades of matching.  This unequalled performance, combined with Curecrete’s worldwide network of distributors, technical field representatives and certified applicators ensures that floors treated with the Ashford FormulaTM will provide a lifetime of excellent and dependable service.