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Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Dipstick® Floor Profiler, the world’s finest and most accurate floor profiler.  We continue to innovate, producing new profiling and analysis algorithms, and adapting them to profiling tools like the Dipstick®.  

Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. originated and developed the F-Number system now used around the world and recognized by ASTM, ACI, and CSA, and continues to work toward improved measurement and analysis technology.  

Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. also awards Golden Trowels® annually to contractors who have produced the world’s flattest and most level floors in various categories.  The Golden Trowel® is recognized worldwide as the highest honor that can be bestowed on a flooring company for producing an exceptionally flat and level floor.


Area(s) of Specialty/Expertise  


  • Floor Flatness and floor Levelness;
  •  Floor profiling and analysis of floor surface profiles

Products & Services

Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. produces the Dipstick® 2272 Floor Profiler, the latest in a series of precision profiling devices.  

Face® can supply measuring and consulting services on any sort of floor surface profiling issues, including remedial work on substandard floors.   

Face® can also supply training in surface profiling of any kind, especially in measuring F-Numbers (FF and FL) as well as Fmin.

Face® Construction Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in surface profiling, producing the “Gold Standard” of profilers, the Dipstick® Floor Profiler.  The company was awarded the prestigious “Nova Award” for the development of F-Numbers and the Dipstick®.



development of F-Numbers and the Dipstick®.